What Having An Epidural Steroid Injection Houston Is All About

By David Adams
Even after receiving multiple treatments, spinal pains can usually prove to be a big bother causing individual sleepless nights. As a way of ensuring patients get fast relief, doctors usually recommend them to undergo an epidural steroid injection Houston which is usually done in the spine. One should however not consider it similar to other injections as it is very sensitive. It involves injecting into the spinal cord a very critical organ in our body.

Getting sedated is usually a very simple procedure involving first the numbing of the area around where the needle will go through. This is done by injecting a local anesthesia. After sedation, the procedure usually takes very few minutes. It involves injecting the epidural steroid into the spinal cord. The number of injections to be administered usually depends on how responsive one is to the treatment after receiving the first injection.

There are multiple causes that can result in one getting an epidural injection. Ruptured and bulging disks are usually a common cause in many patients and can usually result in a lot of pain. Another common cause is usually protrusion of bones which usually end up piercing into the spinal cord. Since the spinal cord contains many nerve endings, even the slightest of protrusions can result in a lot of pain.

Although considered a safe procedure with very few complications likely to arise, one is exposed to a number of risks if they decide to undergo this procedure. Infections can arise as a result of the needle getting some bacteria from the skin. This usually results in meningitis. Dural puncture can also arise and this can also be accompanied by occasional bleeding.

Just like any other medical treatment, side effects usually arise after someone undergoes the procedure. They mostly include anxiety, arthritis, and in patients who have a previous record of diabetes, sudden rise in their blood sugar has been reported. X ray radiation that one is usually exposed to may at times result in complications such as allergies.

Medical complications and side effects should however not be ignored. Since the spine is a very important and sensitive part of the body, the complications can end up being very fatal if left unchecked. This however should not worry a patient as upon treatment they can get back to their normal state of health.

One should do proper research and only agree to get the procedure done if they are certain that the medical practitioner performing it is well qualified. The spinal cord is usually a very delicate part of the body and slight injuries can result in paralysis of the full body or some of the organs which in most cases is permanent.

Epidural steroid injections have provided a lot of relief to many people who were faced with a very uncomfortable life as a result of the constant pain they usually experienced along the spinal cord. The procedure is now being done on both the middle aged and the old in our society.

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