For Dizziness Therapy Rehab Oak Forest IL Is Worth Prioritizing

By Jessica Hall
Frequent episodes of dizziness can be a major problem to the individual experiencing them. This condition affects daily living and can deteriorate the quality of life very badly. Many at times, the problem goes away without on its own without the patient seeking any medication intervention. When one is in need of dizziness therapy rehab Oak Forest IL should be the first location to pay a visit. There are many facilities in this location from where one can get some good help with the problem.

People feel dizzy because of various reasons. A simple head trauma or a serious underlying health problem are all possible causes. In case the cause is an underlying health problem, it is important to have the problem treated as soon as possible and pay attention to note if the feeling proceeds. Head trauma, old age, and stroke are all very common causes of this problem. Diagnosis is commonly done through a CT or MRI scan to the head.

When one visits a doctor because they are feeling dizzy, they will be asked to explain the symptoms they are experiencing in detail. That makes it important to keep a record regarding the symptoms so that one can explain them easily. Of particular interest about the symptoms are the date of onset and possible triggers. If possible, one should write the symptoms down and their behavior.

It is important to note any kinds of medication that one has used in the past to treat the problem. After gathering this information, the doctor will perform a physical examination. The examination will involve checking how the patient walks and maintains balance. The doctor will also examine if the nerves of the central nervous system are working properly. Hearing and balance tests may be administered for further diagnosis.

Diagnostic tests performed may depend on the level of severity, but they include eye movement testing, rotary-chair testing, head movement testing, and posturography. Eye movement testing involves tracking the path of the eyes as one uses them to track an object in motion. Eye motion test may be included too. Eye motion test is done with cold or warm air of water placed in ear canals.

If benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is the cause of the dizziness, then head movement test can be administered. Dix-Hallpike maneuver is the name of the head movement test and it is utilized to confirm diagnosis. The section of the balance system that is affected can be determined through posturography. One needs to try and maintain balance under various conditions while standing on a certain platform throughout the test.

There are several treatments for dizziness, including water pills, anti-nausea medications, migraine preventive medicine, anti-anxiety medications, and medications for reducing dizziness. Water pills are given to patients with Meniere disease, and they are usually coupled with low-salt diet. This combination should reduce frequency and severity of episodes.

Several therapeutic treatments have also been developed for this condition. Such therapies include psychotherapy, head position maneuvers, and balance therapy. Balance therapy aims at reducing the level of sensitivity of the balance system to motion. If anxiety disorder is the cause of the dizzy feeling, then psychotherapy is the best option.

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