Some Benefits Associated With Movement Therapy

By Deborah Olson
In such a fast paced world, it is not a surprise that many people are subjected to high levels or pressure and stress every single day. Such mental and physical stress forces these people to seek the help of a professional who will allow them to go through a therapy that can help improve the way they live and view life. Because of the growing need, there have been several kinds of therapy that were developed for these individuals.

Therapies generally have the same objective to ameliorate the physical and mental health of an individual seeking it to help them live better lives. A therapy that has been gaining popularity is the movement therapy Carmel CA or dance therapy, one that utilizes dancing as a therapeutic means of movement. It helps people accomplish emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration.

While many people think that this is just the same as regular dancing, it most certainly is not. In movement therapy, or DMT, transforms dancing into a kind of expression which can be translated through assessing non verbal behaviors, body language, and emotional expressions. There are many benefits that are associated with such and some are listed below.

This kind of therapy helps people express things or emotions which they may have a hard time expressing in words on a regular basis. Because it involves dancing, music is an integral part of the whole process. In certain songs or music, patients are able to relive or remember things of the past or present that has a great impact on them whether in a negative or positive way and this will show on their moves as well as facial expressions.

Dancing is a form of physical exercise and such exercises help relieve an individual of stress. In DMT it does not only relieve physical but also emotional stress especially because the patients are encouraged to relate their gestures to how they feel at that very moment. This gives them the opportunity to put down whatever it may be that they are carrying which is affecting their well being.

Of course, with all the movement, there is going to be a development in gross motor skills and an increase in physical fitness. Warm ups are done in order to get the blood circulating, increase heart rate, and avoid straining the muscles. The different dance styles that can be incorporated likewise encourage improvements such as muscle growth and good posture.

Because the patients are grouped together, there is also that senses of being able to socialize which will improve their confidence and self esteem. Such happens because they get exposed to different people of varying degrees of ability and behavior. And because the sessions encourage positive environments, they feel a sense of confidence and progress.

In sessions where they are asked to be who or what they want to be, like an animal, or to act certain things like flying or swimming, their imaginations are then exercised. They will also be more creative especially when asked to convey emotions which the instructor or therapist will ask them to do so. This has great effects on their mental health.

Everybody suffers from many things, but it is how you deal with it that is important. And while the world seems to be too heavy on your shoulders, it does not mean that you should let it crush you to bits. Seek things such as therapies that will make you feel better not only towards the world but also towards yourself.

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