Gym Review – Planet Fitness

it or not this gym has been created by a group of friends who had drunk
a bottle of tequila one night after his gym had gone under.
group was trying to decide what to do after a few shots someone had the
idea of ​​”creating a gym for everyone”, a kind of zone “free trial”
it is the creed that lives Planet fitness.Planet Fitness offers equipment for a workout without large monthly bill. Each gym features full of many cardio machines, free weights, and various other exercise equipment. Many gyms have tanning booths offering customers the option to add the privilege to use them in a monthly supplement.The
main selling point to fitness planet is this area of ​​all “free trial”
that binds to the gym feel comfortable if you are a first time user or
an expert gym with the
exercise. Planet Fitness is one of the few gyms with personal trainers at no charge when you need. These instructors will help you develop an exercise program to follow and guide you in the proper technique for each exercise.Although this is the area of ​​free judgment, there are some things that customers can find critical being. The first is that there is a golden rule that every customer has to follow without growling or without weights drip. This could be an outlet for many who are serious body builders who like to throw weight around the gym. Another problem is that most of the dumbbells only go up to a certain
limit, such as Planet Fitness is for women much of the equipment is
geared toward them.
general, the free test area is an excellent value, with such low
starting plans usually $ 10 per month with an initial payment of $ 39
Planet Fitness offers one of the best training environments for
monthly fee.

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