The Significant Advantages Of Utilizing No Needle Injector

By Jose Hughes
A needle free injection technology or NFIT is one type of a concept in which a medication or drug will be delivered to a persons skin by the use forces including Shock waves, electrophoresis, or Lorentz that will be propelling the drugs into the skin. The new technology does not benefit only the industries in pharma but benefits also the development and usefulness of it specifically for avoiding injuries and complications and also for the immunization programs.

The devices used on this are classified into different drug delivery mechanisms, working, delivery sites, and loads. For administering a stable, effective, and safe dose by the use of no needle injector, three components are needed to be considered most importantly and these include the drug sterility, viscosity, and shelf life. The manufacturing of NFIT devices may be done in several ways, but molding technique is the most common in use.

Not like the syringes used traditionally, these are reusable is some forms. One main purpose of these technologies is ensuring that there is an efficient and a painless drug delivery. Here are some of the significant advantages of needle free injections compared to needle based syringes.

First is the patients will more likely to accept it without any complaints. There are many patients who have an aversion with needles and also to some physical discomforts. So the advantage here is reducing the pain and the discomfort that they might be feeling. These would also improve their experiences, and thus, can encourage other patients who have not presented themselves yet for the therapy.

Second, it decreases any risks for the penetration of the veins and also the risks during the medication delivery to the desired area or site. The techniques that will be used for delivery using either syringes or needles is highly dependent on how needles are properly chosen. It will also be dependent upon the skills of the healthcare worker.

Third is to improve efficacy since there are a lot of different ways for distribution of drugs. Syringes are typically depositing the drugs to desired areas in the tissues. A disadvantage on this is the possible delay of depositing since the dispersion for the tissues is lacking, and thus, requiring some added injections for reaching the farther areas.

Fourth is to enhance the responses for vaccine immune. A needle free injection has an ability to enhance immunogenicity. The immunogenicity is consist of some commercial vaccines and vaccines that are still under some developments. Fifth is having the differences on the reliability and techniques used. It is said to be reliable because the depth for the penetration is determined easily than looking at it according to the technique for needle syringe.

Sixth, risks of needles will be removed and as well unintended sites contamination. The highest concern for hospitals, patients, and for healthcare professionals is needles safety. Some healthcare professionals having previous experiences of a needles injuries surely have felt fear, emotional distress, and anxiety.

Lastly, injection wastes and safety management. Even though the healthcare systems still have continued on conducting trainings that are better and are stronger, at times, there are some challenges which are hard to resist like contamination of needles and also medical wastes. The exposure of health workers, communities, and patients into it often results to diseases.

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