Treatment By An Ofallon IL Chiropractor Is Neither Invasive Nor Painful

By Linda Patterson
Thousands of people have no choice but to live with severe pain every day of their lives. Many have to give up sports and activities that used to give them joy. Most sufferers have seen more than one physician, unfortunately almost always without a permanent result. Some have tried a variety of other solutions such as herbal remedies and meditation. Many thankful patients have found that treatment by an Ofallon IL chiropractor is the solution to their problems.

Back pain seems to be the most common complaint treated by chiropractic practitioners. They are not back specialists, however. They focus almost exclusively on treatment options that will make sure that the spine is correctly aligned. Pain and certain medical conditions, they believe, originate from a spine that is not in alignment. This form of alternative medicine has become very popular.

The majority of chiropractic patients may suffer from back pain, but this is by no means the only condition treated by practitioners. Athletes routinely consult them when they sustain injuries, especially muscular injuries. Practitioners also deal with patients suffering from pain due to arthritis. They even treat chronic headaches, neck pain and painful joints. Where necessary, they will refer their patients to a medical doctor.

Chiropractic treatment techniques are based upon the theory that a spine that is out of alignment places great pressure on the nerve system. This pressure has a negative influence on the immune system and this then opens the door for many conditions that can cause chronic pain. The solution is therefore to make sure that the spine is aligned properly and this will ultimately allow the immune system to effect a natural cure.

More than a hundred different techniques can be used to align the spine. The practitioner may find it necessary to only use a gentle treatment method such as a massage or the application of cold and hot packs to achieve the desired result. In more persistent cases he may use a variety of techniques to physically force the spine back into alignment.

One of the main advantages of opting for chiropractic treatment is the fact that there is almost no chance of developing complications. In most ordinary medical procedures there is a chance for infection or other complications to develop. Also, because no drugs are ever used by chiropractic practitioners, patients are not exposed to the harmful side effects that are so common with many modern drugs.

Most practitioners make an effort to educate their patients in order to help them prevent a recurrence of their condition. They are advised to regularly exercise, focusing on low impact activities such as swimming, hiking or cycling in order to strengthen their muscles. Maintaining the correct posture at all times is also of vital importance. Many find that disciplines such as yoga help them to achieve these goals.

Chiropractic treatment has experienced a phenomenal growth in popularity. The patient satisfaction rates are extremely high and practitioners can claim a success rate better than that of any other medical discipline. Many patients even view their chiropractor as their preferred healthcare professional.

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