The Importance Of Performing Home Inspections RI

By Lisa Johnson
Before buying a home, it is important to take due diligence. One of the things you should not forget is to carry out a house inspection. This procedure involves examining the house and its systems. By performing home inspections RI residents can avoid purchasing a house that has severe structural defects or other issues.

Although your real estate agent can refer you to a property inspector, it is advisable to contact several licensed inspectors and then select the person you are most comfortable with. Choosing the inspector who was referred to you by your real estate agent has the potential to be a conflict of interest. House inspections are a worthwhile investment that will help you avoid unforeseen expenses in the future.

Property inspectors disclose any defects they find in a house. They check for many things, one of them being the presence of wood boring insects. They also check if dry rot is present in any location of the house. These professionals also check for any condition that can cause problems in the future, such as wooden structures that are in contact with the soil.

The inspector will also evaluate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Furnaces should be serviced and cleaned regularly. If either the heating or cooling system is not functioning well, an HVAC professional can be called in to take them apart and determine the cause of the issues. The HVAC professional should also give you an estimate of the cost of repairs or replacement.

Property inspectors also check for the presence of lead based paint in a house. Although it has been illegal to use lead based paint since 1978, some houses may still have it. If a property has this type of paint, the prospective home buyer can choose to hire a contractor to remove it.

It is also imperative to examine the roof. By inspecting the roofing system, the inspector can determine if it is in good condition and its expected lifespan. The professional should also give you an estimate of the cost of repairing or replacing the roof.

Many areas in the U.SA have radon gas. Therefore, the home inspector will also check for the presence of this gas in the home you want to buy. Radon gas may build up in enclosed places. Testing areas like basements for radon is essential. If a house has a high level of radon, it could cause serious health issues.

The inspector will also examine the septic system if the house has one. A septic system consists of a tank where solids settle and a leach field where the gray water is discharged. To determine whether the leach field is functioning normally, the inspector can carry out a dye test. In order to know whether the entire septic system of a house is functioning optimally, the tank should be pumped out and inspected visually. Inspectors also check for the presence of mold, buried oil tanks and the quality of well water if necessary. If the inspection report is not favorable, you can ask the seller fix the issues or just walk away and search for another home.

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