What One Needs To Know About Trauma Healing San Diego CA

By Stephen Reed
When someone has been through a traumatic experience, it can lead to all sorts of symptoms which can be overwhelming. It is difficult to deal with this on your own. There are experienced therapists that specialize in trauma healing San Diego CA. They use specific methods and techniques which help the client to progress and move forward in life.

Not dealing with the trauma will lead to further complications in one’s life. The person may turn to drugs or alcohol. This can provide them with a sense of comfort. It can numb the pain that they are experiencing. They will take their rage out on their family members. They will withdraw and isolate themselves from family and friends. They will become depressed and anxious.

A lot of people enter therapy, not knowing that they have been through a traumatic experience. These memories may have been repressed due to a childhood episode, such as abuse. They would have blocked it out of their mind. It is only when someone goes to therapy for something like depression or anxiety that these emotions start to come to the surface.

It is necessary to start to talk about the trauma in one’s life. Of course, this is never easy. A lot of people are not comfortable talking to someone that they don’t know, especially when they have problems trusting people. However, over time, they begin to connect the therapist. They will develop a unique relationship with this person and this is where healing takes place.

There are many ways in dealing with the healing process. Some people are less expressive, and they benefit from the creative process. The mind and body work together, and one also benefits from working non-verbally. They will find that they feel a greater sense of freedom once they start to express themselves in a more creative way.

The process does not always go smoothly, and one has to be prepared for this. Often, one feels as if they have had a good session. Other times, they will feel as if they are more depressed. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It can often get worse before one finds that things start to improve. One can also find that there are other programs to get involved with as well.

Children can benefit from this form of therapy in San Diego CA, because they struggle to open up initially. They will often have issues with trust, especially when they have been abused by another adult. They are very honest in the creative process, and therapist is able to get a better idea of what they are going through by looking at their art projects.

Trauma not only relates to adults. Teachers and parents also need to be aware of this among children. They display different symptoms. They may start to have nightmares. Younger children will cry a lot. They can wet the bed and regress. Play therapists are good at helping the younger child come to terms with their struggles.

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