The Importance Of Seeing An OBGYN Waco

By Gary Wagner
An OBGYN doctor specializes in both obstetrics and gynecology. This doctor cares for and handles diseases of the female reproductive system. He or she offers treatment and care for expectant women. If they consult with an OBGYN Waco residents can maintain their reproductive system health.

It is important for all women to see a gynecologist regularly beginning from the ages of thirteen to fifteen. This time is important in the life of young women because they are going through many developmental changes. They may have questions about menstruation, birth control and sexual health among others.

When patients pay a visit to an OBGYN, this professional carries out a physical exam. This exam may be done to obtain basic vital signs, palpate the abdomen and inguinal lymph nodes, assess overall health and determine the body mass index. The doctor may also carry out a pelvic exam and clinical test. Consulting with this doctor can prevent a serious problems from going unnoticed.

You can see an obstetrician and gynecologist when you are concerned about your reproductive health. An example is when your menstrual cycle is irregular. If you ignore this problem, it can lead to reproductive problems later. If you your periods have stopped, last longer than usual or a change in blood flow has occurred, you should inform your OBGYN immediately and in detail.

You can also see an obstetrician and gynecologist when you need a breast exam performed. It is advisable to have such an exam if you are older than forty. You can the breast exam performed earlier if someone in your family has suffered from breast cancer. According to studies, 67 percent of women in the United States who are above the age of forty get exams. Do not be among the 30 percent of women of this age group who do not get exams.

Women who are twenty one years old or older should get a pelvic exam done annually. The exam is particularly important for those who have menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge or pelvic pain. This exam is also recommended for women who have not reached menopause but have symptoms such as abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal discomfort and changes in the function of the bladder or bowel. Pelvic exams are uncomfortable, but they are essential for the overall health of a person.

It is also vital to see an OBGYN in Waco if you are pregnant. Obstetricians play an important role in any pregnancy. It is important to seek care from the same provider. This will ensure that you do not lose helpful medical data about your pregnancy and delivery.

It is also crucial to see an obstetrician and gynecologist for a pap smear. This will help avoid cancer and other health concerns. If you are 21 years or older, you should make your regular visits for this quick, simple procedure that is just as essential as a breast exam. Do not put off having a pap smear because you may regret it later.

Women who are sexually active, but not ready to conceive should also see an OBGYN. The physician will provide them with important advice about family planning and birth control options. Some of the other reasons to see this physician are when one sees blood in the urine or has painful cramps. OBGYNs assist patients who have a wide range of reproductive health issues.

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