Essential Details And Things To Prepare For Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Cynthia Cox
Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery for losing weight and it does this by removing a large part of the stomach. This permanently reduces its size and this procedure could not be reversed anymore. People who underwent the surgery would feel less hunger and will feel fuller quicker than they usually do.

There are a lot of people who are having problems related to their weight and even some of them are even obese now. One of the solutions to their problems is undergoing sleeve gastrectomy Rockland County New York. Here are some tips in finding the right surgeon to do the operation on you.

Start searching on the internet for hospitals or clinics that can perform this procedure. You can also ask your family and friends for recommendations on where or who to acquire the services of. Ask them of their experiences if ever they also or know someone who underwent one and if there are no problems or side effects as a result of it.

Find information about the doctors assigned in the hospitals or clinics to perform this operation such as their qualifications as well as credentials. Find out if they possess the license to perform this as well as how many patients have they operated on this. These would show their experiences and skills in doing this job and the likeliness of mistakes from happening.

Read online reviews and testimonials and go to their websites to know more about them. You may even read some experiences the patients had when undergoing the process and check if any complaints have been thrown against them. You can find these information on their websites or in other sites such as forums that have topics related to these.

Ask for references of their previous patients that you could talk to so you can ask them on how their experience was before, during and after the operation. Those that are hesitant to give this information to you might be hiding something. If they are trying to keep the confidentiality and privacy of their patients, they can contact them first and ask permission if it is fine with them to talk to you.

Inquire on the total cost of the operation and how long do you need to be admitted in the hospital when it is done. Medicines and other fees they will be charging you should be clearly stated so you can prepare in advance. If you are covered with an insurance then you might be able to save money.

Prepare yourself for the procedure as well by doing the following things before going into the operation. You have to change your diet and the things you are eating to better prepare your body starting two weeks before the scheduled appointment. Prepare some loose clothes that you can wear after surgery because you would be experiencing soreness during this time.

Stop smoking if you do at least a month before to avoid any complications and make your recovery faster. There are some doctors in New York city who will refuse operating on you if you are still smoking recently. And after the surgery, follow every instruction the doctor will give you so that you can recover faster.

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