The Benefits Corrective Exercise Santa Cruz CA

By Donna Wood
Correcting your posture is very important for maintaining your good health. The truth is that posture has more effects on your health than you think. Of course, some of your typical problems with posture are the usual back pains and neck pains. Some people with poor posture can also suffer from headaches. These health issues are only the tip of the iceberg, however, with the corrective exercise Santa Cruz CA, you can get quick and permanent pain relief.

I have realize that it is wrong to teach correct exercise technique for being a trainer for several years and gone through a number of high level corrective exercise courses. I will explain my reasons even though this sound likes a strange thing to say.

Well, first, you might want to try an exercise regime. Exercises are very important in improving your posture. What is great about the internet is that there are many different exercise programs out there that are affordable. There are even some posture correction software programs available that allow you to install on your computer either at home or at the office. These programs allow you to watch an exercise video on your computer and follow those exercises right there. A great thing for those of you who spend long hours at the office on an average work day.

For example, if you are doing a sit up (crunch) is your core engaged and do you feel your tummy muscles working? Or are your neck, shoulders and lower back doing more of the work. Depending on the individual’s fitness and muscle imbalances will depend on their ability and position to perform this exercise.

We all start to slow down as we age, but we do have control over how much physical activity we do. While certainly our muscles slow as we age, they will improve with regular exercise. This extends older peoples abilities to look after themselves in their own home for a longer period. It will increase balance and diminish the chance of falls.

What exercises to do I believe, depends on the individual, as in all things we are all different, with different capabilities. I like swimming after taking it up two years ago after an absence of 40 years from exercising. Swimming is gentle on the body, and best of all you do not have to be able swim.

Walking, and doing simple exercises in a medium that gives resistance to all the muscles, making them work harder! This regular routine has allowed me to climb two flights of stairs without becoming breathless. Something I could not do prior to taking up swimming!

A very sound and hygienic exercise is aquatic therapy in which the patient sits in water for some time. In fact, the water resistance works in the same way as the weights put on the joints outside water. A simple exercise to provide comfort to your feet and help you stand to relax is to move ankles upward and downward for 10 minutes.

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