The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Virginia And How To Recognize Roanoke STD Symptoms

By George Kelly
Sexually transmitted diseases are nothing new. The history books are full of stories of kings, politicians, artists, and others who have succumbed to their fatal effects. Public school teachers routinely instruct students on the various types of conditions that can result from unprotected sex and risky behaviors. Even with all the information available, the numbers of infected individuals continues to rise, and many don’t even realize they have a problem in Virginia or elsewhere because they don’t recognize their Roanoke STD symptoms for example.

The human papilloma virus is rampant among sexually active people. Studies report that an astonishing three quarters of these individuals have been affected by the condition. It is spread by genital contact, which can include oral sex. Warts in the genital area and the throat are the most common signs of this disease, but they often do not manifest themselves until it is in advanced stages.

Over the years people have joked about herpes, but for the people who have it, it’s no laughing matter. Antibiotics can reduce the disease to a dormant stage, but they do not cure it, and the active signs tend to flare up periodically. Lesions in the mouth and on the genitals are good signs of herpes, especially if they cause pain. Scientists know skin to skin contact can cause transmission whether or not the disease is in an active stage.

Chlamydia is the most commonly sexually transmitted disease, and it can go undetected for years. Pain during intercourse and a thick discharge are the most frequent indicators of the condition. Chlamydia is curable, and it is preventable. Using a condom during sex will prevent the disease.

People who notice a yellow tinge to their skin and the whites of their eyes, along with bloating and tiredness, need to be checked for hepatitis B. This is a very serious disease that will spread to the liver and can cause cirrhosis and cancer if left untreated. Unprotected sex is one way to contract hepatitis B.

Syphilis and gonorrhea seem like conditions that people had in times long past, and that is true. It is also true that these conditions are still around, and they are not uncommon in today’s world. New gonorrhea cases top half a million each year with no signs of slowing down. The most common symptom is a burning sensation during urination.

Small, painless sores in the mouth or genital area combined with a skin rash, hair loss, and fever may indicate syphilis. It is also possible to have the disease without exhibiting any signs at all. Infected mothers can pass the condition to a child in the womb.

No sexually active person is completely safe from sexually transmitted diseases. They are common, powerful, and some are hard to get rid of. Eliminating risky behaviors is a good way to ensure they don’t happen to you,

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