Why You Need To Consult With A Middletown OBGYN

By Melissa Stone
Visiting an obstetrician and gynecologist regularly is essential. This professional specializes in the reproductive health of women. The frequency of seeing a Middletown OBGYN depends upon the circumstances in your life and age. Women should begin seeing an OBGYN when they are 21 years old.

The majority of women only have to visit a gynecologist annually. However, some situations make it necessary to consult with this professional several times every year. An example is when women notice changes in their menstrual period. If they stop getting their periods, this may be a sign of pregnancy. In this situation, the doctor can assist the patient to prepare for pregnancy.

It is also important to consult with an OBGYN if you experience bleeding that is not related to your period. An example is if you notice bleeding during intercourse. This could be an indication that your cervix is injured or a sign of conditions such as uterine polyps, fibroids, cervical cancer and uterine cancer. You should also consult with an obstetrician and gynecologist if you experience vaginal bleeding while pregnant.

Women can also consult with an obstetrician and gynecologist due to vaginal pain or discomfort. Besides being unpleasant, vaginal pain could also indicate that a person has a yeast infection, bacterial infection, urinary tract infection or certain sexually transmitted infections. OBGYN doctors can treat these conditions after they have determined the cause of the discomfort.

You should also see an obstetrician and gynecologist for a pap smear at least once every three years. A pap smear is meant to detect the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix before they turn into cancerous cells. Getting this test done is one aspect of staying healthy.

When you consult with an obstetrician and gynecologist for a routine annual exam, you will also undergo several other screening exams, which can identify cancer and other problems. For instance, the doctor can screen for gonorrhea and Chlamydia. These tests are recommended for sexually active females who are under the age of 26. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can havre no symptoms and can cause infertility not treated. The other screening tests that this doctor can carry out are those of sexual dysfunction, bladder disease, bone disease and gastrointestinal disease.

If you utilize a prescription type of birth control, you need to visit an OBGYN annually. This includes birth control patches or shots, birth control pills, the vaginal ring and intrauterine devices. If you use a diaphragm, make sure that it is refitted every three years, after giving birth and after weight loss or weight gain of ten pounds or more.

If you are looking forward to starting or expanding your family, it is advisable to have a good relationship with a professional who practices obstetrics and gynecology in Middletown, NJ before you try to conceive. This professional can assist you to deal with the concerns you may have about nutrition and timing your conception. The doctor can also advise you what to do in order to remain fertile. After conception, the OBGYN can help you to have a successful pregnancy by carrying out routine tests. This professional may also help you to deliver your baby.

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